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The gluer type SPA is used to glue flap boxes (FEFCO 200-230) in a semi-automatic way. This machine guarantees taking the unit from the stack and putting a single line of adhensive.

The device contains a friction feeder, section with glue application (a container with a glue wheel) and a folding table used in manual boxes folding.
The gluer is equipped with smooth adjustment of speed in range of 0-35 meters per minute and a counter stopping the machine when producing programmed amount of units is completed.    


  • there is no need of operation activities – there are only three parameters of a feeder to set;
  • a small size of the machine;
  • the machine is adapted to be moved by a pallet-lift truck;
  • current supply with standard socket contact 230V;
  • capacity depends on staff efficiency (even up to 1500 units per hour can be produced);
  • easy to use and reliable.


Machines are produced in two lengths and six different working widths: 800, 1200, 1600, 2000, 2400 and 2600mm.


The gluers can be freely modified in order to fulfil our client's needs, for example by changing a form size or adjusting to receive solid and laminated corrugated cardboard.