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Folder-gluers to produce multipoint cardboard type MPG 1750 are characterized by solid constructions adjusted to produce boxes from corrugated cardboard.

Thanks to a wide range of producing possibilities MPG 1750-4p makes it possible to glue cardboard such as:

  • one-point cartoons, e.g.  FEFCO 201, 211, 320, 321;
  • three-point cartoons (so called automatic bottom), e.g. FEFCO 711, 712, 713;
  • 4-point cartoons (version of the machine -4p.), e.g. FEFCO 304, 450, 451;
  • 5-point cartoons (version of the machine -4p), e.g. yoghurt stands

in possible dimensions (in mm):

A wide range of producing possibilities, user-friendly, high efficiency and attractive price make the folder-gluers of this kind be used not only to carry out thousands of tasks, but also can be used in case of low-input producton.



  • huge production capacity at lost cost;
  • real productivity 3-8 thousands units/hour, depending on size of the box and staff efficiency;
  • two- or three-person staff required;
  • solid construction;
  • maximum simplification of operations necessary to change size or type of a cartoon;
  • module construction allows further machine development when there is a need to upgrade production possibilities from 3-point version up to 4-point version;
  • easy to use and reliable.


  • a friction feeder with smooth adjustment of speed and sequent form delivery mode;
  • electric positioning of main guidebars;
  • two friendly touch control panels with an extra ''remote control''allowing to set the machine effortlessly by one user;
  • electronic speed regulation which allows to adjust line efficiency depending on user's ablilities;
  • a breaking module of 4-point boxes with a programming possibility by one user;
  • nozzle-type application system of cold glue (spray heads HHS DLK);
  • smooth and independent speed regulation of closing belts;
  • a module counting packs with a pneumatic drift or optionally with a nozzle marking with UV ink;
  • electronic feed table height adjustment;
  • a tapping block mode (type DSD or DBV) making corrections in case of defects appeared during folding cartoons.    


  • a pneumatic file holdfast on a feeder;
  • an additional removeable side guidebar with an independent drive to glue flat boxes with an automatic bottom;
  • a removeable middle guidebar allowing to glue boxes (unit width ''L''from 260mm);
  • labelling boxes with UV ink;
  • monitoring system controlling for crucial machine zones.

Because of the fact that we are produces of the machine presented above, each folder-gluer can be freely modified in oder to fulfil our client's needs, for example by changing from size or adding additional equipment, etc.