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Compact folder - gluers type SMOK 4200 is used to produce large-size flap boxes made of corrugated board.

The machine receives units from a file stored on a feeder thanks to suction cups and then delivers them to the gluing section where glue is put by special spray nozzles. Next, the box is folded flat and then pressed in a gluing point. After that, driving chains transfer a ready-made box to the receiving section where products are filed one on another on a pallet (in a single stuck). After filling the pallet the receiving platform goes down so as to get a ready-made product.

In the machine dual application of glue system is used – the beginning, middle and end of a gluing tongue hot melt is inserted in order to preserve shape of the box. The rest of the pieces of the gluing tongue are covered with cold glue. This kind of solution reduces costs in the gluing process. Gluing with cold glue is much cheaper than using hot melt.



Possible sizes:

Gluers type SMOK are designed in order to simplify operating process and reduce the time to minimum needed for setting the machine into a different format. The machine setting process takes place automatically on the basis of earlier programmed parameters of the box. The only task of an operator is to set a few constructive elements and to change bending claws if it is necessary.     

Because of the fact that each machine is produced for an individual client's order there is also a possibility to change techincal properties of the machine so that it can fulfil our client's needs.