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Who are we?

Our firm is a powerful partner offering solutions in terms of mechanical equipment in cardboard industry. Our clients can count on tested products and systems adjusted to thier individual needs. All the projects are based on long term experience of supplying cartoon industry. We find out new solutions constantly expanding our assortment of mass-produced machines. We introduce innovations creating prototypes to meet unusual challenges.    


What do we do?

Since we started running our company INMATECH we have dealt with building folder-gluers to produce cartoons made of corrugated board.
All the orders are made for an individual client and as a result each machine can be perfectly adjusted to specific needs and requirements.
In our offer one can find:

  • simple semi-automatic gluers;
  • compact folder-gluers to produce cartoons with width 2200mm and 3000mm;
  • multi-point folder-gluers to produce corrugated cartoons and cardboards (microwave);
  • gluers producing large-size cartoons (up to 4200mm);
  • gluers producing large-size cartoons made of two units (up to 2x3000mm).

Our firm also specializes in finding unconventional solutions to manufacturing problems. What we have produced so far is mainly different types of transporters, mini-ploters drawing shapes, gluers for cartoon pallets, various systems whose task is to put self-adhesive tapes, glue envelopes or CD boxes.


Our history

We have been on the mechanical engineering market for 14 years. Creativity and passion constitute our company's foundations. We set up our firm as we love mechanics and automation engineering. On the account of the fact that there is a huge need for automation of industrial processes in packaging industry we started series production of machines for this sector. Currently we meet new challenges, mostly concentrating on further development of machines dedicated to produce cardboards. Thereby, we have become the leader in production of folder-gluers for small and medium enterprises. A few years ago we started expansion into east and west countries.


Our virtues

development – this is a determinant of carrying new projects, achieving better and better results, improving efficiency of our machines;

quality – this virtue is our priority in case of product qualities and cooperation satisfaction;

bravery – meeting new challenges and carrying out orders based on extraordinary solutions;

reliability – cooperation based on good relationships with business partners constitute our business reliability;

honesty – it constitutes long-term company's business development plan and allows our investors to trust us.